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1-Jun-1993Comparison of surface and downhole electrochemical measurements in research area groundwaters on the Canadian ShieldRoss, J. D.; Gascoyne, M.
1-Dec-1995Methods for sampling and analysis of groundwaters in the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Management ProgramRoss, J. D.; Gascoyne, M.
1-Apr-1986A survey of the radioactivity of surface water and groundwater in the Atikokan area, northwestern OntarioLarocque, J. P. A.; Gascoyne, M.
1-Feb-1996Hydrogeochemical and geochemical data for the alternative assessment case study for nuclear fuel waste disposal in CanadaGascoyne, M.; Watson, R. L.; Ross, J. D.
1-Mar-1992The concentrations and mobility of U, Ra and Rn in a granitic batholith on the Canadian ShieldGascoyne, M.; Barber, J. H.
1-Jun-1986A simple well-water dilution modelGascoyne, M.; Eilliot, L. S. M.
1-Jun-1994The helium anomaly in soil gases at the Boggy Creek site, Lac du Bonnet, ManitobaGascoyne, M.; Hawton, J. J.; Watson, R. L.; Sheppard, M. I.; Thorne, G. A.; Holloway, A.; Stevens, K. M.; Lodha, G. S.
1-Nov-1992A study of the migration of radionuclides, major, trace and rare-earth elements along deep fractures in the Lac du Bonnet batholith, ManitobaGriffault, L. Y.; Gascoyne, M.; Kamineni, D. C.; Vandergraaf, T. T.
1-Mar-1996Investigation of the development of a salt-halo around excavation at the Underground Research Laboratory, ManitobaGascoyne, M.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Porth, R. J.; Watson, R. L.
1-Oct-1986Hydrogeochemistry of the East Bull Lake pluton, Massey, OntarioBottomley, D. J.; Gascoyne, M.; Ross, J. D.; Ruttan, J. T.