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1-Mar-1996Biodegradation of a sodium sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate by bacteria naturally present in granitic groundwaterHaveman, S. A.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Hamon, C. J.
1-Feb-1997The change in bioavailability of nutrients (organic matter) associated with clay-based buffer materials as a result of heat and radiation treatmentStroes-Gascoyne, S.; Haveman, S. A.; Vilks, P.; Bachinski, D.; Hamon, C. J.; Goulard, M. G.; Comba, R. L.; Krupa, L. K.; Beebe, E. L.; Clarke, R. L.
1-Jun-1996Characterization of the radiation and heat resistance of the natural microbial population in buffer materials and selected pure culturesLucht, L. M.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.
1-Dec-1994Decommissioning procedures for the buffer/container experimentChandler, N. A.; Wan, A. W. L.; Hampshire, R. A.; Hnatiw, D. S.; Keith, S. G.; Kohle, C. L.; Roach, P. J.; Rolleston, L. A.; Steiner, V. P.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.
1-Jul-1997The effect of biofilms on radionuclide transport in the geosphere: results from an initial investigationVandergraaf, T. T.; Miller, H. G.; Jain, D. K.; Hamon, C. J.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.
1-Mar-1996Investigation of the development of a salt-halo around excavation at the Underground Research Laboratory, ManitobaGascoyne, M.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Porth, R. J.; Watson, R. L.
1-Jun-1995Microbial analysis of groundwaters from seven boreholes at AECL's Underground Research LaboratoryHaveman, S. A.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Hamon, C. J.; Delaney, T. L.
1-May-1996Microbial analysis of the buffer/container experiment at AECL's Underground Research LaboratoryStroes-Gascoyne, S.; Pedersen, K.; Daumas, S.; Hamon, C. J.; Haveman, S. A.; Delaney, T. L.; Ekendahl, S.; Jahromi, N.; Arlinger, J.; Hallbeck, L.; Dekeyser, K.
1-Dec-1996Microbial analysis of water collected from privately owned wells and a beaver pondHaveman, S. A.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Hamon, C. J.; Griffith, O. L.; Messerer, C. L.
1-Jun-1995The microbial population of buffer materialsHaveman, S. A.; Stroes-Gascoyne, S.; Hamon, C. J.
1-Sep-1996Migration of bacteria into sterilized compacted clay-based buffer material: initial studiesStroes-Gascoyne, S.; Lucht, L. M.; Oscarson, D. W.; Dixon, D. A.; Hume, H. B.; Miller, S. H.
1-Feb-1992Preliminary studies on the determination of fission-product inventories at grain boundaries in used CANDU fuelStroes-Gascoyne, S.; Tait, J. C.; Wilkin, D. L.; Watson, S.; Porth, R. J.
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12