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1-Jul-1982Diffusion of hydrogen, hyrdrogen sulfide and large molecular weight anions in bentoniteEriksen, Trygve E.; Jacobsson, Arvid
1-Nov-1996Diffusion of I-, Cs+ and Sr2+ in compacted bentonite - anion exclusion and surface diffusionEriksen, Trygve E.; Jansson, Mats
1-Dec-1994Experimental study of strontium sorption on fissure filling materialEriksen, Trygve E.; Cui, Daqing
1-Oct-1991On the interaction of granite with Tc(IV) and Tc(VII) in aqueous solutionEriksen, Trygve E.; Cui, Daquing
1-May-1989Radionuclide sorption on crushed and intact granitic rock volume and surface effectsLocklund, Brigitta; Eriksen, Trygve E.
1-Mar-1996Reduction of Tc(VII) and Np(V) in solution by ferrous iron : a laboratory study of homogeneous and heterogeneous redox processesCui, Daquing; Eriksen, Trygve E.
1-May-1989Some notes on diffusion of radionuclides through compacted claysEriksen, Trygve E.
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7