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1-Mar-1982Diffusion in crystalline rocks of some sorbing and nonsorbing speciesSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Dec-1985Diffusion measurements of cesium and strontium in biotite gneissSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Jun-1995Systems analysis, scenario construction and consequence analysis definition for site-94Chapman, Neil A.; Andersson, Johan; Robinson, Peter; Skagius, Kristina; Wene, Clas-Otto; Wiborgh, Marie; Wingefors, Stig
1-Nov-1994Scenario development methodologiesEng, Torsten; Hudson, John; Stephansson, Ove; Skagius, Kristina; Wiborgh, Marie
1-Mar-1983Diffusion measurements in crystalline rocksSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Aug-1989Performance and safety analysis of WP-cave conceptSkagius, Kristina; Svemar, Christer
1-Apr-1991Porosity, sorption and diffusivity data compiled for the SKB 91 studyBrandberg, Fredrik; Skagius, Kristina
1-Sep-1992Project alternative systems study - PASS : analysis of performance and long-term safety of repository conceptsBirgersson, Lars; Skagius, Kristina; Wiborgh, Marie; Widen, Hans
1-Apr-1993Studies of natural analogues and geological systems : their importance to performance assessmentBrandberg, Fredrik; Grundfelt, Bertil; Hoglund, Lars Olof; Karlsson, Fred; Skagius, Kristina; Smellie, John
1-Nov-1995The use of interaction matrices for identification, structuring and ranking of FEPs in a repository system : application on the far-field of a deep geological repository for spent fuelSkagius, Kristina; Strom, Anders; Wiborgh, Marie