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1-Nov-1990The large block radionuclide migration facilityDrew, D. J.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; Grondin, D. M.
1-May-1989Construction and operation of a high-pressure radionuclide migration apparatusDrew, D. J.; Vandergraaf, T. T.
1-Dec-1996The sorption of radioelements on sand from the Chalk River siteTicknor, K. V.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; Boisvenue, L.
1-Feb-1996Parametric studies of factors affecting Se and Sn sorptionTicknor, K. V.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; McMurry, J.; Boisvenue, L.; Wilkin, D. L.
1-Nov-1985Radionuclide sorption on mineral and rock thin sections part 1: sorption on selected mineralsTicknor, K. V.; Kamineni, D. C.; Vandergraaf, T. T.
1-Jan-1988Sorption/desorption studies of selenium on fracture-filling minerals under aerobic and anaerobic conditionsTicknor, K. V.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; Harris, D. R.
1-May-1986The effect of laboratory time-scale hydrothermal alteration on igneous rock coupon radionuclide sorption/desorptionTicknor, K. V.; Juhnke, D. G.; Vandergraaf, T. T.
1-Nov-1992A study of the migration of radionuclides, major, trace and rare-earth elements along deep fractures in the Lac du Bonnet batholith, ManitobaGriffault, L. Y.; Gascoyne, M.; Kamineni, D. C.; Vandergraaf, T. T.
1-Jan-1995The effect of fulvic acid on contaminant sorption by granite and selected mineralsTicknor, K. V.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; Vilks, P.
1-Mar-1982Procedure to determine sorption coefficients of radionuclides on rock coupons under static conditionsAbry, D. R. M.; Abry, R. G. F.; Ticknor, K. V.; Vandergraaf, T. T.