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Sep-1980A laboratory assessment of the use of borehole pressure transients to measure the permeability of fractured rock massesForster, C. B.; Gale, J. E.
1-Mar-1982A laboratory investigation of crystalline rock-water interactionsReardon, E. J.; Reimer, J. D.
Aug-1981Laboratory investigations of thermomechanical properties of Stripa granite : part I: apparatus, part II: application and resutlsMyer, L.; Rachiele, R.
1-May-1979Laboratory testing of core samples from the heater emplacement test siteMiles, P.; Tirrul, L.
1-Nov-1995Lake bottom sediment study using sonar profiling in the Atikokan areaHolloway, A. L.; Serzu, M. H.; Lodha, G. S.
1-Apr-1996Lake-tilting investigations in southern SwedenPasse, Tore
Aug-1990Large block migration experiments INTRAVAL phase I, test case 9Gureghian, A. Berge; Noronha, Clifford J.; Vandergraaf, Tjalle T.
1-Nov-1990The large block radionuclide migration facilityDrew, D. J.; Vandergraaf, T. T.; Grondin, D. M.
Jul-1978Large scale permeability test of the granite in the Stripa Mine and thermal conductivity testLundstrom, Lars; Stille, Hakan
Jul-1983Large-signal, dynamic simulation of the slowpoke-3 nuclear heating reactorTseng, C. M.; Lepp, R. M.
1-Jun-1985Laser enrichment of carbon-14 and its potential application to groundwater datingMannik, L.; Brown, S. K.
1-Dec-1998Late quaternary changes in climateHolmgren, Karin; Karlen, Wibjorn
Aug-1967Lattice measurements with 28-element natural UO2 fuel assemblies : part II : relative total neutron densities and hyperfine activation distributions in a lattice cellSerdula, K. J.; Green, R. E.
Nov-1977Lattice measurements with 36-element natural UO2 fuel in the ZED-2 hot loop facilities : detailed lattice cell parametersKay, R. E.
Jun-1976Lattice measurements with 37-element Bruce reactor fuel in heavy water moderator : detailed lattice cell parametersKay, R. E.
1-Jul-1998Leaching of 90-year old concrete mortar in contact with stagnant waterTragardh, Jan; Lagerblad, Bjorn
1-Mar-1980Leaching of irradiated UO2 fuelVandergraaf, T. T.
1-Jan-1991The leaching properties of bitumen and cement waste forms in contact with sand backfill: the influence of moisture content of sand on leach ratesLovasic, Z.; Torok, J.; Buckley, L. P.; Blimkie, M. E.
1-Mar-1990Lead-matrix encapsulation of a CANDU fuel bundleMathew, P. Mani; Krueger, P. A.
2006Leah Myers-
Showing results 1475 to 1494 of 2405