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Jul-1979I. Some results from a field investigation of thermo-mechanical loading of a rock mass when heaters are emplaced in the rock. II. The application of field data from heater experiments conducted at Stripa, Sweden, to parameters for repository designHood, Michael; Nelson, Philip H.; Carlsson, Hans
1-Feb-1986I: an analogue validation study of natural radionuclide migration in crystalline rock using uranium-series disequilibrium studies, II: a comparison of neutron activation and alpha spectroscopy analyses of thorium in crystalline rocksSmellie, J. A. T.; Scott, R. D.; MacKenzie, A. B.
-Ice Sculpture, Winter Carnival Durham College.-
1-Dec-1986IMMOB - a computer program for material balance calculations in waste vitrification processesSaunders, C. B.
1-Apr-1982Immobilization of intermediate level alkaline wastes from fuel reprocessing: a literature review and program status reportSperanzini, R. A.
1-Nov-1982Immobilization of intermediate-level alkaline wastes from fuel reprocessing: summary reportSperanzini, R. A.
1-Jun-1980Immobilized fuel and reprocessing waste vaults: seismic response - review and assessmentDawson, R. V.
1-Dec-1980Immobilized waste vault: container handling systemBhan, S.; Scott, A.
1-Nov-1980Immobilized waste vault: container near-field thermal-rock mechanics analysesRatigan, J. L.
1-Dec-1980Immobilized waste vault: design concepts and layoutsBurgess, A. S.; Sandstrom, P.-O.
1-Dec-1980Immobilized waste vault: development and operation - schedule and cost estimatesSandstrom, P.-O.
1-Jan-1991Impact from the disturbed zone on nuclide migration - a radioactive waste repository studyBengtsson, Akke; Grundfelt, Bertil; Markstrom, Anders; Rasmuson, Anders
1-Apr-1991The impact of Party on Nuclear Power Attitudes in SwedenHolmberg, Soren
1-Feb-1993Impedance-computed tomography for monitoring moisture content in clay-based bufferStrobel, Guye
1-Feb-1992The implication of fractal dimension in hydrogeology and rock mechanics : version 1.1Dershowitz, W.; Redus, K.; Wallmann, P.; LaPointe, P.; Axelsson, C.-L.
1-May-1994The implications of soil acidification on a future HLW repository : part II: influence on deep granitic groundwater : the Klipperås study site as test caseWersin, Paul; Laaksoharju, Marcus; Bruno, Jordi
1-Jul-1978In situ experiments on nuclide migration in fractured crystalline rocksLandstrom, Ove; Klockars, Carl-Erik; Holmberg, Karl-Erik; Westerberg, Stefan
1-Jan-1985In situ one-year burial experiments with simulated nuclear waste glassesHench, Larry L.; Spilman, Derek; Buonaquisti, T.; Lodding, Alexander; Werme, Lars
1-Jan-1988In situ research and investigations in OECD countries : geological disposal of radioactive waste-
1-Jan-1988In situ strain recovery at the surface of the Underground Research Laboratory siteBrown, Anton; Kingston, David M.; Everitt, Richard A.
Showing results 1374 to 1393 of 2405