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1-Feb-1995Consequences of using crushed crystalline rock as ballast in KBS-3 tunnels instead of rounded quartz particlesPusch, Roland
1-Dec-1991Description of transport pathways in a KBS-3 type repositoryPusch, Roland; Neretnieks, Ivars; Sellin, Patrik
1-Dec-1990Development of clay characterization methods for use in repository design with application to a natural Ca betonite clay containing a redox frontKarnland, Ola; Pusch, Roland
1-Dec-1990GMM - a general microstructural model for qualitative and quantitative studies of smectite claysPusch, Roland; Karnland, Ola; Hokmark, Harald
1-Jun-1988Hydrothermal effects on montmorillonite : a preliminary studyPusch, Roland; Karnland, Ola
1-Nov-1989Interim report on the settlement test in StripaBorgesson, Lennart; Pusch, Roland
1-Jul-1990Radionuclide transport paths in the nearfield - a KBS-3 concept studyPusch, Roland
1-Jun-1989Rock quality designation of the hyrdraulic properties in the near field of a final repository for spent nuclear fuelCarlsson, Hans; Pusch, Roland; Carlsson, Leif
1-Oct-1992Sealing properties of cement-based grout materials [Stripa Project]Onofrei, Maria; Gray, Malcolm; Pusch, Roland; Borgesson, Lennart; Karnland, Ola; Shenton, Barry; Walker, Brad
Jun-1987State-of-the-art report on potentially useful materials for sealing nuclear waste repositoriesCoons, William; Bergstrom, Anders; Gnirk, Paul; Gray, Malcolm; Knecht, Bernard; Pusch, Roland; Steadman, James; Stillborg, Bengt; Masayasu, Tokonami; Vaajasaari, Marja
1-Aug-1991Storage of nuclear waste in long boreholesSandstedt, Hakan; Wichmann, Curt; Pusch, Roland; Borgesson, Lennart; Lonnerberg, Bengt
1-May-1983Stress/strain/time properties of highly compacted bentonitePusch, Roland
1-Aug-1980Swelling pressure of highly compacted bentonitePusch, Roland
1-May-1983Use of clays as buffers in radioactive repositoriesPusch, Roland
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14