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1-Mar-1984Analysis of some laboratory tracer runs in natural fissuresMoreno, Luis; Eriksen, Trygve; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Oct-1991A compartment model for solute transport in the near field of a repository for radioactive waste (calculations for Pu-239)Romero, Leonardo; Neretnieks, Ivars; Moreno, Luis
1-Nov-1991Concentration of particulate matter and humic substances in deep groundwaters and estimated effects on the adsorption and transport of radionuclidesAllard, Bert; Karlsson, Fred; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Nov-1996Coupled transport/reaction model of the properties of bentonite buffer in a repositoryLiu, Jinsong; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-May-1997Coupled transport/reaction modelling with ion-excange: study of the long-term properties of bentonite buffer in a final repositoryLiu, Jinsong; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Apr-1992Description of the transport mechanisms and pathways in the far field of a KBS-3 type repositoryElert, Mark; Neretnieks, Ivars; Kjellbert, Nils; Strom, Anders
1-Dec-1991Description of transport pathways in a KBS-3 type repositoryPusch, Roland; Neretnieks, Ivars; Sellin, Patrik
1-Jul-1997Diffusion and sorption properties of radionuclides in compacted bentoniteYu, Ji-Wei; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Oct-1997Diffusion data in granite : recommended valuesOhlsson, Yvonne; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Mar-1982Diffusion in crystalline rocks of some sorbing and nonsorbing speciesSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Mar-1983Diffusion measurements in crystalline rocksSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Dec-1985Diffusion measurements of cesium and strontium in biotite gneissSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Apr-1985Diffusivity measurements and electrical resistivity measurements in rock samples under mechanical stressSkagius, Kristina; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Sep-1991Fluid and solute transport in a network of channelsMoreno, Luis; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Nov-1982Migration model for the near field final reportAndersson, Goran; Rasmuson, Anders; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-May-1982Migration of radionuclides in fissured rock - results obtained from a model based on the concepts of hydrodynamic dispersion and matrix diffusionRasmuson, Anders; Neretnieks, Ivars
1-Oct-1981Migration of radionuclides in fissured rock: some calculated results obtained from a model based on the concept of stratified flow and matrix diffusionNeretnieks, Ivars
1-May-1983Model calculations of the migration of radionuclides from a repository for spent nuclear fuelBengtsson, Akke; Magnusson, Marie; Neretnieks, Ivars; Rasmuson, Anders
1-Jun-1990Modelling of the movement of the redox front in the uranium mine in Poços de Caldas, BrazilRomero, Leonardo; Neretnieks, Ivars; Moreno, Luis
1-Apr-1982The movement of a redox front downstream from a repository for nuclear wasteNeretnieks, Ivars
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30